Shader Tests 0.2.0

Last updated: 2021-09-12 16:05

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Core Mod, enables external shaders, doesn't contain any though, please enable one of the optional packages to actually do anything.

Tonemapping: Uncharted 2 (default)

The tonemapper used by Uncharted 2, as described by original author John Hable here:

Tonemapping: ACES Approximation

An approximation of ACES tonemapping, developed by Krzysztof Narkowicz. Oversaturates bright colours.

Tonemapping: Linear

Linear tonemapping, effectively the same as taking the raw HDR values and straight mapping them onto SDR RGB values. Not Recommended

Tonemapping: Reinhard Extended

Extended Reinhard tonemapping

Tonemapping: Reinhard-Jodie

Reinhard-Jodie tonemapping, operates on luminance rather than RGB as brightness is percieved differently for each channel.

Tonemapping: ACES

ACES (Academy Color Encoding System) tonemapping operator, default in Unreal Engine 4.

Tonemapping: Piecewise Power Curves

Piecewise Power Curves are proposed by John Hable of UC2 fame here: These are quite nice as the tweakable parameters are all quite sensible and not too difficult to understand, please play around with the values in the shader! Visualise tuning the parameters here:

Tonemapping: Piecewise Power Curves - RGB

Piecewise Power Curves, but seperate channel tonemapping.

Tonemapping: Cineon

Hejl/Burgess-Dawson, AKA Cineon tonemapping. Less aggressive toe than ACES but still a very nice effect. From

Shading: Normal Deshimmering

Quick shader hack to reduce the specular glinting caused by high-frequency screen-space normals